Gardu House: Place where ideas grow and money flows.

Gardu House: Place where ideas grow and money flows.

Gardu House is more than just a place to hang out. It’s a lively spot where creative people come together to make money from their hobbies. This haven in South Jakarta, which opened in 2010, has become a powerhouse in the local creative scene, encouraging people to work together and showing off skills from a wide range of backgrounds.

Gardu House: A Creative Spot That Becomes a Center

Gardu House: Place where ideas grow and money flows.

Gardu House started out as a place for creative people with similar interests to meet and sell their work. It has since grown into a lively community. The art director who joined in 2013 is Bima Chris, and he talks about the group’s history, going back to the roots of Artcoholic, a famous graffiti crew from the late 2000s.

Gardu House: The Place Where Ideas Melt Together

Gardu House isn’t just for spray can artists; it’s also for people who are good at design, music, photography, videography, and other things. The goal is clear: to be a spot where creative people from all over the country can make a steady income from the things they love.

How to Get Through the Creative Chaos

When it comes to the fast-paced world of information, this collective sees both the growth and the problems in the artistic community. Bima stresses the need for direction by saying that Indonesians tend to focus on how things look without thinking about what they mean on a deeper level. Gardu House wants to help creative people make a good difference in their lives and the lives of their audiences.

The Street Art

Gardu House keeps a strong focus on street art because it has a history of graffiti. They always have graffiti performances and presentations at their events, which connects with the roots that made this artistic space possible in the first place.

Gardu House: Gathering a Nation of Artists

The best thing about this collective is that it can bring together creative people from all over the land. Bima shows how knowledge from other cities affects the events and programs they put together. What is the end goal? To get the Indonesian graffiti scene known around the world.

If you want to be creative, go to the Street Dealin’ Festival.

Every year, Gardu House hosts the Street Dealin’ event, where street artists and other creative people come together to share their skills and compete in friendly games. Artists from Bali, Jakarta, Makassar, Semarang, Malang, Medan, Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia were among the guests at last year’s event.

Getting on board with social media

Gardu House sees the popularity of social media as a great way to market themselves. It’s important to Bima that they take these venues seriously when they want to reach more people.

What Makes Each City Unique

The fact that different artists have shown up in each place has been a pleasant surprise for the people who started the collective. No matter the different styles, the Indonesian creative attitude is characterized by a shared sense of happiness and an openness to new ideas.

In the middle of South Jakarta, Gardu House is more than just a place for artists to work. It’s also a reminder that everyone has the power to turn their hobby into a successful business.