Cool Find in Northern Ireland Bog: 2,000-Year-Old

Find in Northern Ireland. So, check this out – archaeologists stumbled upon some seriously ancient human bones in Bellaghy peatland, Northern Ireland. You know, the same spot Seamus Heaney, the Nobel Prize-winning author, wrote about. They always said there might be some cool stuff hidden there.

October Surprise

Last October, someone tipped off archaeologists in Londonderry about these bones, and guess what? The cops from Northern Ireland, the PSNI, got in on the action and recovered them. Turns out, these bones are like 2,000 to 2,500 years old, and they think they belonged to some teenage dude.

What They Found

So, when they started digging, they found a leg bone (tibia and fibula), an arm bone (humerus, ulna, and radius), you know, lower left leg and right arm vibes. But the plot thickens – about five meters away, they dug up more bones – lower left arm, left femur, and even some finger bones and fingernails. It’s like an ancient puzzle coming together.

Mind-Blowing Preservation

Here’s the wild part – the bones still have intact skin on them. The detective in charge called it an “extraordinary find on a global scale.” But, and there’s always a but, they can’t figure out how this guy kicked the bucket. No head, and they’re scratching their heads about whether it got chopped off before or after he bit the dust.

Tree Stand Vibes

Now, get this – there are some old tree remains hanging around, suggesting this dude might’ve been buried near a bunch of trees. Alastair Ruffell from Queen’s University is geeking out about it, saying it’s not just cool because it’s Iron Age but also because of the whole landscape drama with glaciers and humans doing their thing.

Saving the Find

So, the bog body was chilling on land owned by the Northern Ireland agriculture department. They’re teaming up with national museums to move the body for more studying and saving. It’s like a historical rescue mission.


Imagine this teenage Iron Age dude, popping up after thousands of years, telling his story from the depths of Bellaghy peatland. The whole headless situation and the mystery behind how he ended up there just adds more spice to the tale. With researchers and history buffs joining forces, they’re hoping to crack the case of this epic find, unveiling secrets from a time long gone. The bogs of Northern Ireland are holding onto some seriously cool secrets!